Light-Sport Aircraft

“As for the Jabiru with the 3300–I am in a dream world. The airplane flies and handles fantastic. I can attest to checking out the robust landing gear. I am 72 yrs young and hope to be flying for some time.” –Larry Wheat, J250 Owner

UPDATE: As of December 2017, all new Jabiru aircraft in the USA are sold by U.S. Sport Planes in Denton, Texas. Please contact Scott Severen at or 940-597-6860.  Learn more…

The Jabiru Advantage

Jabiru pilots will be the first to tell you that their airplane allows them to do things they never imagined possible as a Sport Pilot. They fly all over the USA for pleasure flying, traveling, and flight training. They enjoy one of the best safety records in the Light-Sport industry, with zero accidents in the U.S. attributed to mechanical failure over our 10-year history (NTSB, 2015).

Jabiru Aircraft have graced the top 10 Light-Sport Aircraft list of for many years, with four different models of the Australian-designed aircraft. Starting in 2005, we released the J250-SP, a powerful composite LSA featuring the 120-horsepower, 6-cylinder Jabiru 3300 engine and a spacious rear baggage compartment. Over the last decade, Jabiru North America and Jabiru Aircraft PTY LTD of Australia have worked together to bring several new models to the U.S. market. The J230-SP is an updated version of the J250, with a more efficient high-aspect ratio wing design and a higher wing loading to cut through turbulence. The smaller J170-SP is based on the J160, a workhorse of flight training in Australia, comprising nearly 2/3 of the Aussie training fleet. They are as ubiquitous on Australian and South African airports as the Cessna 152 is in the USA.

The current Jabiru model, the J230-D, features many improvements to the Jabiru 3300 engine and even better handling, with reduced adverse yaw that makes rudder coordination a breeze.

All Jabiru aircraft are characterized by being simple to work on, tough to absorb the abuse of flight training, and stable in all regimes of flight. In capable hands they handle surface winds over 30 knots, something unheard of with most Light-Sport aircraft.  The J250/J230 have been our most popular aircraft with American pilots because of their best-in-class speed– a true 120 knots at normal cruise power– and a generous CG envelope which allows them to carry just about anything that will fit through the full-size baggage door.


“I operate my Jabiru out of a field located at 5900′ MSL. Performance is no problem. Most of my flying is over the Sierra Nevada and the Western States deserts. Owning an aircraft that has the power- to-weight ratio of a Skylane with the speed and wing loading of a Skyhawk and enough room to carry my touring bicycle and assorted touring bags– while burning only 5 gallons per hour– has me thoroughly hooked. And guess what? No medical needed.”
-Gary Anderson, owner of the very first J250-SP built by Jabiru USA: Still going strong after 12 years, over 1,100 hours, and no less than 6 trips across the continental USA.