J170-D: A delightful flier in a rugged package.

Australia’s most popular LSA trainer has been improved and updated to the J170-D model. A redesign of the vertical stabilizer, with a more swept stance and a wider airfoil shape, makes the aircraft more stable and require less rudder input than ever before.


The J170-SP has been a great trainer here in the USA, with its stout landing gear, stable handling, and fuel economy of less than 4 gallons per hour in daily use.

Hummingbird Aviation is a full-service flight school near Minneapolis, Minnesota, that has offered Sport Pilot training with a Jabiru J170-SP for several years. The company recently added a second J170-SP to its fleet and its first aircraft has surpassed 2,000 hours of total time. Hummingbird’s chief flight instructor, Chris Cooper, states “We are very happy with the 170 as a trainer. It’s tough and economical, and it fits the mission of an LSA trainer very well. The students enjoy flying it. We are considering adding a third aircraft the future.”

The standard aircraft includes a Garmin G3X touch-screen EFIS system, Garmin remote com radio and Mode S transponder, 2020 compliant ADS-B in & out, and LED night lighting package.

For an aircraft that is tough enough for day after day flight training and will cruise over 100 knots for weekend excursions, the J170-D is a terrific bargain. Other LSA suitable for training are often double the price, and spare parts can be difficult to obtain. In contrast, all parts for the J170-D engine and airframe are readily available from Jabiru North America and airframe experts here in the USA are fully authorized to perform all types of repairs and inspections if necessary.

As of December 2017, all new Jabiru aircraft in the USA are sold by U.S. Sport Planes in Denton, Texas. Please contact Scott Severen at scott@ussportplanes.com or 940-597-6860.  Learn more…