Firewall-Forward Kits

Jabiru North America continues Jabiru USA’s development of complete firewall-forward kits (FWF) for several popular kitplanes, including the Zenith line, many RANS designs, the Van’s RV-12, and the new Sport Performance Aviation Panther. All FWF kit components are manufactured here in the USA. Careful attention was paid to the fit and finish of the fiberglass parts with the result that the cowls and other fiberglass parts are the best in the industry, requiring minimal surface prep before painting.

Cooling is an important part of any engine installation. We have configured each FWF kit to provide adequate cooling air flow under all environmental conditions. We highly recommend using an electronic engine monitor to display all cylinders’ head and exhaust gas temperatures and fuel flow, in addition to the traditional oil temperature, oil pressure, and RPM gauges. It is really handy to have all this data available during flight testing to get the optimum performance out of your Jabiru engine.

Why choose a Jabiru engine?

In this video, Pete Krotje talks with LSA expert Dan Johnson about the advantages of using a Jabiru 3300 engine in a RANS S-19. It’s a great intro to the details that go into a Jabiru North America Firewall-Forward kit. (Note: Video was shot in 2010, so quoted prices are out of date.)


General Firewall-Forward Kit Components