Engine Maintenance & Installation Seminars

Next Jabiru Engine Seminar:

March 9-10, 2018 in Shelbyville, Tennessee

Cost: $350  Minimum 10 people; maximum 15. Register early!

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I just attended the May 15-16, 2015 Jabiru Engine Maintenance and Overhaul Seminar in Shelbyville, TN. Happy to say, much more than I expected. Pete Krotje gave an excellent overview of his background, and Jabiru’s development. We went through hands-on of 99% of every component of the engine and Bing carb, with thorough explanations. The last portion of the two day class was spent hands-on reassembling an engine from the crank out. Pete patiently answered every question through-out the two days. Even if you never intend to work on your engine, this is still a great course to take just to get a better understanding of the engine, proper installation, break-in, care, and maintenance. I highly recommend this course to any current (or potential) Jabiru engine owner. –Jim Snyder, Zodiac 650/Jab 3300 (flying fall 2015)


While the Jabiru engine has features that are similar to those of certified legacy aircraft engines, it also has many characteristics that are completely different. The manuals are thorough, but a hands-on class can do much more for your understanding of how all the parts work together. Jabiru North America hosts several engine seminars per year around the USA to offer our customers quality experience with Jabiru engine maintenance procedures and essential knowledge for a properly-executed engine installation. Admission is open to anyone with an interest in Jabiru engines. Typical attendees include experimental kitplane builders, Light-Sport aircraft owners, A&P mechanics, and LSA repairmen. Seminar attendees learn:

  • The history and evolution of Jabiru engines, including upgrades over the years;
  • Basic engine components and how they work together;
  • Fundamentals of good cowling design for proper cooling, important for all air-cooled engines;
  • Ignition and charging system design and maintenance;
  • Valve train design and maintenance;
  • Bing carburetor operation and tuning with hands-on disassembly and assembly;
  • How to perform basic maintenance tasks, such as torquing head bolts and differential compression check;
  • Upgrades to consider on your next overhaul;
  • And the opportunity to ask any question you want of our experienced Jabiru engine technicians.

We hold several seminars each year here at our Shelbyville, TN maintenance facility, along with a few others in select locations around the country in response to demand. If you would like to host an engine seminar for your EAA chapter or other group, let us know!  Seating is typically limited to 15 participants, with a minimum of 10 participants to hold a class away from Shelbyville. The course fee is $350/person, paid at the time of registration and 100% refundable if the class minimum is not met. Lunch and refreshments are provided both days. New seminar dates are posted on our Facebook page and News section of our home page, as well as on this page. Check back often for updates!