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Jabiru North America carries a complete stock of Jabiru engine and airframe parts. If we do not have a particular part in stock, we can normally get it within 2 weeks.

To speed up parts order processing and make orders more accurate, please fill out the following Parts Request Form with all the part numbers that you need. For your convenience, a list of commonly requested parts, along with links to the Engine Parts Books, are in the sidebar of this page.

When submitted, this form will go to our parts desk. After we create a Sales Order, we will email you to verify your order. Please note this is not an online store, only a tool to help us all with faster and more accurate parts orders!

If You Need Jabiru Airframe Parts: Jabiru airframe part numbers are located within the Aircraft Service Manual. If you need major parts (landing gear legs, windows, etc) please call Pete at 931-680-2800 to discuss any damage and proper repair procedures.

Jabiru North America Parts Request

Jabiru North America Parts Request

Required for some parts, helpful for many parts.